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Sometimes you can't talk to people at all
Might as well be talking to a brick wall!
But one guy is always listening for your call
He'll think the world of whatever you say
He's never going to turn his head away

When you talk to your dog, then you're talking to your friend
The kind who'll pay attention, from beginning to the end.
When your load is getting heavy, when your day begins to drag
That dog will always lend an ear and give his tail a wag.

Sometimes the right words aren't easy to find
Emotions getting tangled deep in your mind.
When you most need understanding, then you'll find
Your dog will look you in the eyes
He understands enough to sympathise

Repeat chorus

If it's good news, if it's bad
If you're happy, if you're sad
You can share your feelings with the best-est friend you've ever had

Repeat chorus x2

He's the best-est friend you've ever, ever had!.
Lyric Credits: Georgina Hilton
Music Credits: Brian Cunningham
Performance Credits: Brian Cunningham
Song Length: 3:47
Primary Genre: Country-Traditional
Secondary Genre: Unique-General
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Dogs
Language: English