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Children in the city / growing old before their time,
Education?/ what a pity / all they learn is crime,
And they'll turn out like their fathers,
We knew it all along,
It's another generation growing wrong

In the promised land of plenty / is there nothing left to share?
When we all see twenty-twenty / are we still too blind to care?
And we blame it on "the others" - it's the way life's meant to be,
Nobody wants to be the one to say "It's down to me"
Down to me. / It all comes down to me / Down to me.

Single mother shivers / on a cold December night,
No money for the meter / so she wraps her baby tight,
And she hasn't seen the father since,
Since the day she broke the news,
But everybody's got their right to choose.

Repeat Chorus x 2

Living in the gutter/ not a pretty scene,
It makes us feel disgusted / when we keep ourselves so clean,
"Surely their own fault?",
We console ourselves, we know,
We could never, ever sink that low.

Repeat Chorus to fade out
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Georgina Hilton
Music Credits: Micharl Patrick Faltin
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Hiley
Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:21
Primary Genre: Unique-General
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: General
Language: English