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Angel (ah-ah)
Angel - Angel delight (ah-no!)
Her glow shines in the night.
Her lips, juicy sweet,
Keep your head,
she'll kiss you off your feet!
Angel (ah-ah) Angel
Angel eyes,
smile as you, rush to join the queue!
Angel (ha-ha.....no!)
No fake, no compromise,
You'll take a trip to paradise. (ha-ha....no!)
Beware, my advice,
I've been there
you leave when she decides!
Angel (ah-ah) Angel (ah-ah)
So be wise - don't get hooked,
The price keeps going up!
"Fools rush in, without a clue, that she might just be a little too good,
too good to be true.... (ha!)
Me? I made that same mistake, like you, thinking 'I'm a man of the world'
But behind her mask.... (ah-ah)
She's a real professional girl!"
(hey!...no!... hey! ... hey!)
Angel (ah-ah...... no! ... hey!)
I know all her tricks
Domination's how she gets her kicks! (hey!) Angel (ah-ah) (hey!)
Angel (ah-ah)
Angel eyes hypnotize,
You swallow all her lies,
Angel eyes...
too late you realise...
The halo's her disguise!
Story Behind the Song:
This sexy lady calls herself 'Angel', and promises trip to 'paradise' but is she just a little too good to be true?
Fools rush in ..... Beware!
Lyric Credits: Georgina Hilton (PRS)
Music Credits: Harald & Wolfgang Ola Kaufmann (GEMA)
Producer Credits: Twin League S & P (Germany)
Performance Credits: Harald Kaufmann
Song Length: 3:07
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -